Proposed Injunction Against APHIS Rule Picking Up Steam

In spite of attacks from people supposedly on our side, the Associated Dog Clubs of New York State (ADCNYS) has announced that the initial goal of $10,000 has been reached (5hough much more will be required later) and the number of plaintiffs for the case is building, The VFDCB made a donation and signed on as a plaintiff last week and we are encouraging member clubs to think about doing so as well.

The good news is that we have a little more time. Though the rule goes into effect tomorrow, an injunction can be filed any time within 90 days, so we have more time to collect donations and plaintiffs. It’s still important to move on this as quickly as possible so the ADCNYS  will have a better idea of where they stand ahead of the deadline.

You’ve probably read posts from the naysayers, people who would like to prevent the injunction from being filed. Here’s our take on that. Yes, it’s a longshot, but this rule has the potential of taking many good people completely out of breeding. We feel we have to do something. This is a good example of dog breeders coming together to support one another. “It won’t affect me, so why should I care?” has been completely absent from the discussions.

Please go to to read the letter to supporters from ADCNYS.

The lists of donors and plaintiffs are here.



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