Please vote Tuesday!

On Tuesday, November 4th we have the privilege and duty to exercise our civic responsibility by voting in the General Election.
This advisory from SAOVA may be useful as you try to sort out the animal rights positions of various candidates for public office.  Please feel free to share it with your fellow club members, family, and friends.
BE PREPARED BEFORE YOU GO TO THE POLLS: New this year in Virginia you will now be required to show a PHOTO ID in order to vote.  Your Virginia driver’s license, passport, military ID, Virginia university ID, and the new voter ID with photo are some examples of  ID  acceptable for voting eligibility.  Your voter registration card, which does not have a picture, is no longer sufficient.  Also, please be aware that some areas have been re-districted, so you may need to report to a different polling place than in previous years.  The voter registration card will tell you where to vote.
If you have any questions, please contact your local Board of Elections Office.
Mariane Herndon
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