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Do you know someone who has made a difference for dogs, their owners or breeders in your community or the Commonwealth? The VFDCB is looking for that person!

The deadline for the VFDCB’s annual community service awards is September 1 and all individual members and club members are invited to submit nominations.

Nominations must be sent in writing to or mailed to

VFDCB Community Service
Sharyn Hutchens
PO Box 315
Fairfield, VA 24435
Your nomination should include the name and contact information for your nominee as well as a statement about why you think this person should receive our annual award. Also include any background information you think is relevant and let us know who the nomination is from–you as an individual or your club. If you’re submitting as an individual club member, let us know which club and include your own contact info as well.

This award goes to a person (or persons) who has devoted his or her time and energy to dog-related community service. Last year the award went to Lindsey A. Wolko and the Center for Pet Safety, an organization that performs safety tests on dog equipment such as harnesses and crates. Club members who have been active in community education about any aspect of dogs or someone who has headed up a project or service that benefits the dogs and owners or breeders of a community or the Commonwealth are eligible.Though the nomination must be made by a VFDCB club, club member, or individual member, the nominee can be anyone who has made a difference.

The award will be presented at the VFDCB annual luncheon and awards meeting in November, which the winner will attend as guest of the Federation.

Please be sure all club members know about this award and that they are invited to submit nominees.

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