Need a couple of people for Pet Expo Roanoke

Need to socialize a young dog? Want to give one of your old folks a special day out with you? Have we got a deal for you!

For the past couple of years, with the help of the Roanoke Kennel Club members, the VFDCB has put up and manned a booth at the Roanoke Pet Expo in April. This year several of our members’ national specialties landed on that week and we are short two or three people. If you can help out with this, please contact Mariane Herndon, president.

Juliet chillin' with her new toy at Pet Expo 2012

Juliet chillin’ with her new toy at Pet Expo 2012

The dates are Saturday and Sunday, April 26-27, with set-up Friday afternoon the 25th. The Expo is open from 10 am till 5:00 pm Saturday and 11 am through 5 on Sunday. If we can get two to four volunteers, we can work out a schedule so each person stays only a few hours. It’s an easy and fun job. Your dogs get great socialization experience, with kids, horses, birds, you name it. But you control the exposure. If you don’t think Diva is ready for a close encounter with a horse, you don’t have to go visit them! Bring a crate, the Federation provides a banner and handouts and you just talk with people about dogs all day…what’s not to like? Ginny Johnson, from RKC has loaned us table draping and will help set it up. This is an excellent way for you to have some quality time with your dogs and help out the Federation at the same time!

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