National Purebred Dog Day? Absolutely!

May 1 was National Purebred Dog Day and I was surprised at the number of people, even breeders, who protested that they love all dogs and the day should not “discriminate” against mixed breeds. Well, I think that most people who love dogs love all dogs, but here’s the point.

Mixed breeds are not under attack from the animal rights fanatics. No one (openly) says there should not be dogs in general, but purebreds are criticized and denigrated at every turn — from the belief that they are all “inbred and unhealthy” to the ridiculous assertion that shelter dogs die because people purchase purebreds. If National Purebred Dog Day causes people to consider how much purebreds have given us over the centuries, then we should all support it with everything we’ve got.

If someone accuses you of being a snob for celebrating National Purebred Dog Day, give him this list of other “dog days” celebrated and ask how it is he thinks we should not celebrate purebreds as well.

January 24 – Change a Pet’s Life Day (for homeless pets)
February is National Prevent a Litter Month…can you imagine what would happen if we had a national breed a litter month?

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