It’s National Purebred Dog Day!

We hope you’re celebrating it with your dogs and maybe even doing a little public education about the joys of owning purebreds!

One important thing to remember about NPDD is that celebrating it does not denigrate mixed breeds, rescues, strays, street dogs, mutts, mongrels, crossbreeds or any other kind of dog. But in today’s environment of “adopt, don’t shop,” it helps to remember and celebrate what is so special about purpose-bred dogs.

When Susi Szeremy got the idea for NPDD, she was doing some research for an article she was writing. She discovered that there was a National Dog Day. And Rescue Day, Mutt Day, Puppy Day, Pet Day, Pitbull Day, K-9 Veterans Day, Therapy Dog Day, Puppy Mill Dog Day, Shelter Dog Day…well, you get the idea. Heck, there is even an International Pooper Scooper Week. (Really. It’s the first week of April.) But there was nothing for purebred dogs.

She set up a Facebook page, finished her article, and two days later, remembered the page she had set up and named National Purebred Dog Day. When she went back to it, she discovered that it already had 5,000 members! Today, a couple of years later, it has reached nearly 60,000.

NPDD is about taking pride in your purebreds and their heritages and about thanking our dogs for their loyalty and love and for working side by side with humans throughout history.

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