Guest Blog: IRS Handling of HSUS Tax-Exempt Status

Thanks to Gloria Jones and the Pekingese Club of America for the following guest blog. It was first published in the Lion Dog News.


As everyone is aware, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is not our friend nor are they a humane organization. Their goal is to eradicate all pets which is of concern to all of us. HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle has boasted that to date they have been responsible for over one thousand bills being enacted into law — most targeted against hobby breeders, owners of show dogs, rescue organizations, and pet owners. The American Kennel Club is now sending out alerts on all proposed dog legislation across the country. I have started forwarding these alerts to everyone on the PCA (Pekingese Club of America) Forum List. Not only can residents of targeted areas take action, but it is an interesting to see how laws in different laws are crafted and the creative terminology used. (Editor’s note: You can subscribe to the AKC legislative alerts here. Also check out the Government Relations Toolbox for lots of helpful information!)

HSUS enjoys tax exempt status as a professed charitable organization. However HSUS does not have a single shelter and they give less than five per cent of their monies to shelters and rescue organizations to care for the animals they “save” in their “puppy mill” raids. When these dogs arrive at the destination shelter they are greeted by a media blitz. I saw this happen in Washington, D.C. three years ago when the HSUS white vans carrying 100 small breed dogs from Arkansas were met by local television station cameras as they pulled up to the Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL). Our rescue was called by WARL and asked if we would take take some Pekingese who could not be readily adopted. Noble and Lily Faith, who still live with me, needed a lot of medical attention as did the other eight we also took in at that time. Our rescue did not receive a penny from HSUS! We did it for the love of the breed but never again.

In March 2010 U.S. Congressman, Blaine Luetkemeyer, 3rd District of Missouri, requested the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) conduct an investigation of HSUS’ misuse of the tax code because of its excessive lobbying and prohibited political activities. This investigation has been stonewalled ever since.

The U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) has now agreed there will be a formal review into the manner in which IRS handled Representative Luetkemeyer’s request for an investigation of HSUS’s tax exempt status and will specifically look into IRS Director of Exempt Organizations Lois Lerner and her staff. The congressman will be notified upon its completion. It is important to note that Lois Lerner is an active member of HSUS.

If the findings of the review indicate that his previous requests were, in fact, mishandled, Luetkemeyer intends to renew his call for the IRS to launch a new, unbiased investigation into HSUS’s alleged inappropriate involvement in political and lobbying activities.

I shall follow this investigation and will report when there is a resolution. It would be wonderful to see HSUS eventually disciplined.

Gloria Jones
PCA Chair, Canine Legislative Alerts

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