Circus supporters needed in Richmond Monday evening

PeTA and the Richmond SPCA are continuing their drive to prevent Ringling and Brothers from performing in Richmond by attempting a ban on the elephant training tool known as the bullhook or elephant guide. A corollary in the dog world would be banning the use of leashes or crates at dog shows. Putting the circus out of business is a major animal rights initiative which failed at the federal level several years ago, so they’re taking it local.

Arguments will be heard before the full city council this Monday, January 12, and we encourage anyone who is able to attend. We especially need Richmond residents, but all are welcome!

The meeting is at six o’clock on the second floor of City Hall in Richmond, You do not have to speak unless you want to. If you can come, please contact Sharyn Hutchens. This is a great opportunity not only to help an ally in the struggle against animal rights  but to see PETA in action, complete with lies and emotional arguments not based on fact. And you will hear circus elephant caretakers and performers talk about the special relationships they have with these amazing animals.

If you are unable to attend, please send an email supporting the circus to the city clerk’s office at Even better would be to send individual emails (cut and paste works beautifully!) to the c9ouncil members and the mayor. The correct salutation is “Dear Councilman (name)” and for the last one on the list, “Dear Mayor Jones.”

and Mayor Dwight Jones


So what does all this have to do with dog breeders?

If you’ve been paying attention to the animal rights movement, you know that what comes to one will come to us all, If the animal rightists manage to insert themselves into the management of circus animals, they will cast about for other targets. The next battle with city hall might be our dog management tools…crates, collars, leashes. PeTA is already taking issue with crating:

Crating has recently become a popular practice often used on adult dogs by people who say that they are protecting their dogs. Often, however, it will turn out that the true reason for crating is to protect furniture or simply because it’s convenient. But this practice deprives dogs of basic necessities, such as the freedom to walk around and look out the window, the opportunity to relieve themselves, and the comfort of stretching out.

and leather collars:

There’s nothing that gets us hotter under the collar than seeing adored animal companions wearing leather collars made from the skin of other animals.

In fact, PeTA discourages the use of collars altogether and pushes harnesses (which–surprise! they sell in their online store) You can see where this is headed. If we can stop the attack on the circus from making headway, it should at least delay the attack on us.

Partnering with others in the animal world is critical in the fight to save our domestic animals. The Federation frequently teams up with hunters in legislative battles and we’ve worked with the Farm Bureau as well. Feld Entertainment, which owns Ringling and Brothers, successfully sued HSUS last year. Read the details at This is the sort of kick in the pocketbook that it is going to take to make any headway against the animal rightists and the dog fancy can’t afford to do it, We are fortunate to have Feld on our side and any time we can step up to help them out. we should do so.

The ARs will be out in force for Monday’s meeting. Let’s fill our side of the room!

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