Caution: Outbreak of canine influenza in Maryland

If you live in Maryland or travel there with dogs, please read this bulletin from the Maryland health department

and the update here

Following is a very brief summary, but if you are in the affected area, please do not fail to read the bulletins above for more information.
Six cases of canine influenza (CIV) were reported in Montgomery County, Maryland, last week, with two fatalities. As of a week later, up to 20 total cases have been reported in the county.  CIV is very contagious. Dogs that have become infected with CIV are ones that have been in very close contact (kennels, doggy day care facilities, dog parks, and shows).  This outbreak has affected all age groups, with sighthounds and hunting dogs being more susceptible. 

There are two vaccines available, but vaccination will provide limited protection against CIV , as it will require two vaccinations and take three to four weeks to become fully effective, and that is on the assumption that the virus is a H3N8 subtype (which has not been confirmed).

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