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“What Kind of Jerks…” or Why the Federation Opposes Anti-Tethering Laws

A couple of days ago the Richmond Times-Dispatch published an opinion piece and online video by Bart Hinkle entitled “What Kind of Jerks Think It’s Okay to Leave a Dog Staked out in the Cold?” Mr. Hinkle’s answer was “Virginia legislators,” but his drive-by target was the VFDCB. He’s talking about tethering dogs. Last week […]

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Put the Federation in Your Show Catalog!

The VFDCB sincerely appreciates our member clubs who donate a catalog page to us every year. Have you seen the ads available? Click “continue reading” below to see them. They’re great! You can download them from here: Dog Show Catalog Ads  Dog show superintendents also have camera-ready copies of them.

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What is the AKC PAC? (and why should I give money to it?)

In her excellent post on legislation last week, Gloria Jones mentioned donating to the AKC PAC. What is it and why should you give it your hard-earned money? Okay, first watch this video. It is short and powerful. Don’t Lose What You Love PAC stands for Political Action Committee and there are tens of thousands […]

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Gloria Jones Reports on AKC Legislative Conference and Legislation in General

Guest blogger this week! Gloria Jones AKC Legislative Liason Pekingese Club of America I was fortunate to attend AKC’s Legislative Conference in Raleigh, NC, this year as the Pekingese Club of America’s legislative liaison to AKC. I attended the last one two years ago and was pleasantly surprised to see how proactive AKC has become in […]

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Urgent Advice from Alice Harrington

Alice Harrington, who is co-legislative liaison with me, posted the following on our Facebook page. I thought it was important enough to repeat here. 1-21-16lists — preparing for animal rights fanatics. Bad weather presents many opportunities for these people to call in with made up complaints about animals that are perfectly fine — and do […]

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National Purebred Dog Day? Absolutely!

May 1 was National Purebred Dog Day and I was surprised at the number of people, even breeders, who protested that they love all dogs and the day should not “discriminate” against mixed breeds. Well, I think that most people who love dogs love all dogs, but here’s the point. Mixed breeds are not under attack […]

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Legislative News

The 2015 Virginia General Assembly is going full throttle now and we have been watching carefully and working on several bills. Fortunately, there are very few bills affecting dog ownership this year. Here are the ones we are watching: SB 698 Companion animal; surgical sterilization program, fund, penalty. Patron: William M. Stanley, Jr UPDATE 1/29/15 […]

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Circus supporters needed in Richmond Monday evening

PeTA and the Richmond SPCA are continuing their drive to prevent Ringling and Brothers from performing in Richmond by attempting a ban on the elephant training tool known as the bullhook or elephant guide. A corollary in the dog world would be banning the use of leashes or crates at dog shows. Putting the circus out […]

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