Careful, Virginians! Doing a good deed can get you charged with animal cruelty

From News Channel 3 in Hampton Roads.


Virginia Beach, Va. – A Virginia Beach woman is facing animal cruelty charges after she says she took 3 stray cats and their 6 kittens to Virginia Beach Animal Control.


Tiffany D’Andrea says it all began when she noticed 3 pregnant cats in her Virginia Beach yard.

“All of a sudden they just showed up in the yard,” D’Andrea explained.

D’Andrea says she’s an animal lover and one day she found the cats had given birth and the kittens were in her garage.

“We gave the mothers water. We fed them. We left the side door open so that they could come and go as they please,” D’Andrea said.

That act is what Virginia Beach Animal Control says makes her the responsible party for the cats.


See the rest of the story here. This is typical animal rights law, supposedly “to help the animals.” But look what it does to people. And are the stray animals better off if people refuse to feed them because of repercussions like these?


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