Dog Community Comes Together to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

The situation in Texas is beyond grim for people, and needless to say, thousands of pets are suffering as well. If you would like to donate to help, we suggest the AKC Reunite Pet Disaster Relief Fund. AKC already has a couple of its disaster trailers with kennel supplies in the Houston area. AKC Reunite […]

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It’s National Purebred Dog Day!

We hope you’re celebrating it with your dogs and maybe even doing a little public education about the joys of owning purebreds! One important thing to remember about NPDD is that celebrating it does not denigrate mixed breeds, rescues, strays, street dogs, mutts, mongrels, crossbreeds or any other kind of dog. But in today’s environment of “adopt, don’t […]

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Guess what tomorrow is?

It’s National Purebred Dog Day! Our assignment is to go somewhere with your dogs, to get them out where people can see them. The National Purebred Dog Day Facebook page is having several photo contests with fantastic prizes. Here are some suggestions for dealing with naysayers tomorrow, from Susi Szeremy, founder of National Purebred Dog Day. […]

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“What Kind of Jerks…” or Why the Federation Opposes Anti-Tethering Laws

A couple of days ago the Richmond Times-Dispatch published an opinion piece and online video by Bart Hinkle entitled “What Kind of Jerks Think It’s Okay to Leave a Dog Staked out in the Cold?” Mr. Hinkle’s answer was “Virginia legislators,” but his drive-by target was the VFDCB. He’s talking about tethering dogs. Last week […]

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Annual Luncheon Sunday: Silent Auction, Online Guide to Breeders, Awards!

The Virginia Federation of Dog Clubs and Breeders  invites you to the VFDCB annual luncheon and  meeting this Sunday, November 13th, at the Doubletree hotel on Route 29 in Charlottesville at 11:00 a.m. This year’s luncheon will feature: …the Silent Auction organized by Anne Taylor, where you will find cool stuff and some amazing bargains! […]

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Put the Federation in Your Show Catalog!

The VFDCB sincerely appreciates our member clubs who donate a catalog page to us every year. Have you seen the ads available? Click “continue reading” below to see them. They’re great! You can download them from here: Dog Show Catalog Ads  Dog show superintendents also have camera-ready copies of them.

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What is the AKC PAC? (and why should I give money to it?)

In her excellent post on legislation last week, Gloria Jones mentioned donating to the AKC PAC. What is it and why should you give it your hard-earned money? Okay, first watch this video. It is short and powerful. Don’t Lose What You Love PAC stands for Political Action Committee and there are tens of thousands […]

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Gloria Jones Reports on AKC Legislative Conference and Legislation in General

Guest blogger this week! Gloria Jones AKC Legislative Liason Pekingese Club of America I was fortunate to attend AKC’s Legislative Conference in Raleigh, NC, this year as the Pekingese Club of America’s legislative liaison to AKC. I attended the last one two years ago and was pleasantly surprised to see how proactive AKC has become in […]

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