Associated Dog Clubs of New York to File Injunction Against New APHIS Rule

We’re happy to report that the Associated Dog Clubs of New York State (ADCNYS) is working with an attorney well-versed in breeders’ issues and animal rights to file an injunction to prevent the new APHIS rule from taking effect. You can read more about it at Donations and additional plaintiffs are needed within the next few days. Member clubs are encouraged to study the issue and decide whether to sign on.

Yesterday the VFDCB voted to donate $500 to the effort, and that was matched by one of our members for a total of $1000. We are contacting member clubs now for a vote on whether to add the Federation as a plaintiff.

There is no cost to being a plaintiff and no one from the club will need to testify. Since this is a suit against the federal government, there is not a possibility of anyone countersuing or suing for court costs, etc.  The ADCNYS would like to have a list of club plaintiffs by November 14, but if your club cannot move that fast, plaintiffs can be added later. For more information about this suit, see the website above

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