APHIS Lawsuit Update from Attorney Frank Losey

On December 30, 2013, the HSUS formally filed a Motion to Intervene in the case, and its motion and accompanying exhibits totaled over 100 pages. 

On Monday, January 13, 2013, attorneys will file a response in opposition to the HSUS motion to intervene in the lawsuit seeking to nullify the USDA Retail Pet Store Rule. After it is filed, we will post the response here. It will challenge the legal standing of HSUS to intervene as a defendant.

Earlier in the week the Justice Department formally filed a notice with the court which identified the attorney who will be representing the government in this lawsuit. Phil Hecht, counsel of record for the plaintiffs (us) has informed the government attorney of our intention to file a response that will oppose the HSUS motion to intervene. Once we have filed our motion, we anticipate that we will learn whether the government will oppose or support the motion of the HSUS to intervene in the lawsuit, as well as the timeframe for when the government will file its response to the lawsuit. Once that occurs, our attorneys will be in a position to press for a hearing schedule.

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