Animal rights madness: Deer vasectomies

Not specifically dog-related, but I have to share this. As you will remember, Mayor de Blasio is the mastermind who promised to  close down the carriage horse industry in New York. His relationship with the animal rightists behind that movement is now being investigated, along with a number of other qiestions, four of which may involve criminal charges. For more information on the investigation, click here. In the meantime, you might enjoy the following, which is funny only if the ‘plan’ falls through before a single buck is touched.

Mayor de Blasio thinks there will be no bang for Staten Island’s bucks once he launches a $2 million vasectomy plan to sterilize the borough’s male deer this fall.

Maybe City Hall should have “The Talk” with a wildlife biologist first.

“This proposal has no chance of success whatsoever,” said Dr. Paul Curtis, a Cornell University deer expert.

You see, Mr. Mayor, when a boy deer loves a girl deer very, very much . . .


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