An Injunction Has Been Filed

NEWS RELEASE – LAWSUIT FILED On December 16, 2013 a Lawsuit was filed in the Federal District Court in Washington DC that asks the Court to declare that the Retail Pet Store Rule is “arbitrary, capricious and inconsistent” with law, and to remand the Rule back to the USDA. The Lawsuit also seeks an injunction that would bar the USDA from enforcing the Retail Pet Store Rule. The “Complaint” in the Lawsuit was filed on behalf of 42 Plaintiffs that consisted of Dog and Cat Clubs, Associations and a Registry. Those 42 Plaintiffs included nearly 19,000 breeders who potentially would be adversely affected by the Rule. Those 42 Plaintiffs represent less than 1% of the more than 5,500 Dog and Cat Clubs in the U.S., which supports the assertion that the Rule potentially affects far, far, far more than the 4,640 breeders that APHIS stated was the maximum number of breeders who potentially would be affected by the Rule.

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