A Circus Without Elephants?

Asian Elephant - Elephas maximus (40 years)

Please join us at the Richmond City Council meeting Wednesday 11/19 at 5pm to support the circus’s rights. The meeting is at City Hall, 2nd floor (900 E. Broad Street, Richmond VA).

As dog breeders, we sometimes forget that we are not alone in the fight for animal welfare and against animal rights. People whose lives are also affected — and sometimes ruined — by the animal rights movement include breeders of cats. horses, reptiles, small mammals, and other animals; medical researchers; hunters; farmers and ranchers; and those involved with animals in the entertainment industries, such as zoos, rodeos and circuses. The National Animal Interest Alliance brings all these groups together.

One of the most exciting victories “our side” has had in this war was recently won by Feld Entertainment, the owners of Ringling Brothers circus.  You can read about that here.

But the animal extremists never give up. This Wednesday they will attempt through the city council to ban elephants from performing in the circus when it comes to Richmond. This is a typical animal rights ploy to stop all animal use and completely separate people from animals. Like all of their initiatives, this one plays on emotion instead of truth. The circus has asked for help from the dog community to educate the City Council on the truth about the animal right movement. Please see alert below for information about how you can help.

Anyone who has visited Ringling’s elephant sanctuary knows their respect for and humane treatment of elephants. We need to support our circus friends in defending their work to protect the Asian elephant from extinction. It is only through seeing and experiencing these animals that the public will understand these amazing animals and their need for protection from the animal rights movement.

Please forward this to members of your clubs and encourage them to send the Richmond city council their thoughts. Even better, perhaps a member or two from each club could come to Richmond and show support for the circus on Wednesday. Below is an alert from Feld Entertainment. If anyone would like to testify before the city council, please contact me at sharyn@timbreblue.com and I will send you suggested talking points. You are not required to speak if you just want to come and show your support. The more people on our side of the aisle, the better!

ACTION ALERT FROM FELD ENTERTAINMENT– November 19 — 5:00 pm hearing scheduled at City Hall (900 E. Broad Street, Richmond VA, 2nd floor) in Richmond, VA for city-wide ban on circus elephants

The Education and Human Services Committee of the Richmond, VA City Council will meet on Wednesday, November 19, at 5:00 pm and a discussion of Ordinance No. 2014-199 is currently on the agenda. The ordinance would essentially prohibit circuses from exhibiting elephants by banning the use of the elephant guide (also called a bull hook/ankus). If this ordinance is passed, it would prevent Ringling Bros. and other circuses from visiting Richmond by preventing the use of a widely accepted elephant management tool which is absolutely necessary to safely display elephants in a public setting. The effect of any bull hook ban is to ban elephants and the circus.

A recent news article by the Richmond Times-Dispatch outlines local activist efforts to pass the ordinance and ban circus animals.

Please take a moment to contact the members of the Richmond City Council with a short e-mail, and encourage your friends and family to do the same – especially those that live in Richmond or who have been to circus performances in the city.

Thank you very much for your help, and if you have any questions, please contact Mary Lou Kelly at mkelly@feldinc.com. If anyone in the Richmond area is available to testify at the November 19 Committee meeting in support of elephants in circuses, please contact Mary Lou as well.

Email addresses for entire City Council and Mayor:


City Council Website

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