A Cautionary Tale

The recent conflagration in Waukegan, Illinois, involving a litter of American bulldog puppies should be a wake-up call for all of us. Briefly, a family’s six-week-old litter of puppies was confiscated by the town because the owners did not have a $25 breeding permit. For the whole story, check out this blog, written by an attorney. Since then, the puppies have been returned to the owner due to the huge outcry among tRinihe dog fancy.

Though animal control was clearly out of line, this ordinance should never have been passed as written. Only a couple of people even spoke against it at the meeting.

The wake-up call? Watch your local boards of supervisors and commissioners! Their agenda items are published in your local paper and usually also online. If there is anything at all related to dogs, go to the meetings. Discussions can wander all over the place and what comes out of the meeting may be nothing like the original proposal. Animal rights fanatics often propose outrageous anti-breeding ordinances and with no one there  to educate the officials, you’d be amazed at what can slide on through.

DO NOT COUNT ON AKC OR THE FEDERATION TO TELL YOU WHAT IS HAPPENING LOCALLY…WE HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING! There is no database or summary anywhere of local proposals or meetings. The only way to learn about them is through local means, i.e, you watching your own government. We’ll be happy to help of something comes up, but we have to know about it first. For the sake of your own puppies, please be alert!

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